Breed History

The breed originated in Scotland and the north of England, it was kept and bred by shepherds and farmers as working stock. They were ideal for this working environment because of their speed, stamina and harsh coats, which enabled them to spend long hours outside in all kinds of weather. The Beardie's long, thick shaggy coat, which also covers the dogs face and chin gave the breed it's name as we know it now.
The Bearded Collie is an active and highly intelligent dog, with a soft but enquiring expression, which reflects the breed perfectly. They are quick to learn which makes them easy to train and they are always more than ready to please their humans.
With kindness and patience they make the most wonderful of companions and are a real pleasure to live with. Their devotion and loyalty to their humans is second to none.
It must be mentioned at this point that one of the most outstanding features of the breed is the Beardie's coat. The double thickness and the length of coat it certainly something to be considered before bringing a Bearded Collie into your family. You must be highly dedicated to grooming your Beardie at least once or twice a week, without this kind of dedication you might want to think twice before taking a Beardie into your home. They may look very glamorous, but you have to consider the amount of work that goes into keeping them looking like this.
A Bearded Collie is usually a very healthy breed of dog and can live up to and beyond 14 years of age, so whether you want a Beardie as a loving pet or as a show or working dog you can't get better.

Club History

More than twenty years ago an enthusiastic group of people decided to start a new club within Scotland for Beardies and their humans. The Club was to be called "THE BEARDED COLLIE CLUB of SCOTLAND", this seemed the most natural name as this wonderful breed is native to Scotland. The Club has gone from strength to strength, during this time many people have passed through the Club all contributing to it's continued success. Today the objectives of the Club are much the same as they were in the Club's early days, our Club states: THE CLUB SHALL DO ALL IN ITS' POWERS TO PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE BEARDED COLLIE, AS A WORKING DOG, COMPANION AND SHOW DOG.

Founder members

Nicholas Broadbridge Chairman,
Marion C.L. McVake Secretary,
Dorothy Forrest Treasurer,
Petronella Broadbridge,
Robert M. Cross,
Margaret McDonald-Cross,
James G.Logan,
Marjory M.R.Logan,
Molly F. Leishman,
Moira Watson,
Margaret Hagan,
Jack Hagan,
Frances Chapman,
Colin Chapman,
Elinor M. Hannah,
Dorothy F. Lindsay,
R.M. Gilchrist,
Denise A.Barley,
Robert J. Forrest,
Greta Clark,
Charles R.F.Clark,
Fiona C. Thorburn,
Liz Gault,
Ian Wilson,
William Gault,
William McVake,
Madeleine Simpson,
Ronald Simpson,
James Ewart.

There were also three Junior Members who were registered by the club and paid their dues on the day. These were Shona Muir, Andrew and Douglas Forrest who are not on the KC list as Founder Members as they were underage at the formation of the club.