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New whelping and Rearing Resource now available on the Kennel Club Academy

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Dear Ms Weir,

We are excited to let you know that our new resource Whelping and Rearing a Litter of Puppies is now live on the Kennel Club Academy website.

As a Breed Club, you know the importance of ensuring your knowledge and information is up to date before breeding from your dog. Therefore, we would like to ask you to support us by sharing information about this resource with anyone who asks your advice about breeding and who would benefit from using it.

The whelping and rearing resource provides breeders with the essential information on how to prepare for a successful whelping and how to ensure that the process goes smoothly for both the breeder and the dam. The resource also includes a film which features Angelika Von Heimendahl (Veterinarian and Specialist in Canine Reproduction), Angie Townsend (Assured Breeder of Labrador Retrievers) and Jane Newport (Assured Breeder of Parson Russell Terriers) using their experience to discuss how to prepare yourself and your bitch for whelping, and the steps to take for the initial rearing of the puppies.

The whelping and rearing film covers the following subjects:

What is whelping?
What should you have prepared for when your bitch goes in to whelp?
What factors should you consider when choosing a whelping box and area to put it?
How to be sure that your bitch is whelping normally
When is it appropriate to contact your veterinarian?
What are the next steps once all of the puppies are born?
How to identify problem puppies during rearing..
To ensure we cover all breeders need to know, some additional reading and resources have also been made available within the whelping and rearing resource including:

Whelping and Rearing Toolbox
Breeding info
ABS puppy pack template
Feeding a puppy
Nutrition and feeding
Weaning puppies
Puppy Socialisation Plan
Breeder Guidelines for Vaccinations
General Vaccination Guidelines
BSAVA Position Statement
Veterinary Resources
Puppy Guide pg12-14 = worming/inoculation
A short assessment to test your knowledge
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If you are yet to use the Breeder Education resource on the Kennel Club Academy, the film below may be useful when getting started.

The Kennel Club Academy offers a series of films, covering topics such as understanding inheritance, inbreeding, health testing and how to maximise the chances of producing healthy offspring. The Kennel Club Academy highlights the health information available to modern dog breeders and emphasises how this knowledge can be used effectively.

If you would like to learn more, or would like to subscribe to the Kennel Club Academy and access the free breeder education section, please visit

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