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Judge's Biographies

RADLEY Peter (Intisari)

I have owned, bred and showed Rottweilers for over 40 years making up 4 British champions.
I award CCs in 27 breeds (14 Working Group, 9 Pastoral and 4 Utility). I am approved by KC to judge the Working and Pastoral Groups at Championship shows.
I first judged Beardies in 1985 and to date have judged 128 classes of the breed.
I would love to judge a club show of the breed especially in Scotland

RICHARDS Frances (Elemark)

I have owned Beardes since 1978 and first judged the breed at open show level in 1990. I judged at championship show level for the first time in 2006. In June 2014 I judged dogs at the Finnish Bearded Collie Speciality Show. This was my first judging appointment abroad. This year I judged Australian Shepherd Dogs in Norway.
I have made up one bitch to champion and have bred CC, reserve CC, Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit winners in the breed. I have bred only 5 litters in the 36 years I have owned Beardies, the first being in 1988 and the most recent in 2007.
I also owned 2 Australian Shepherds who have since died at ripe old ages and had a lot of fun showing in the import Register classes with them. I also now judge that breed at championship level. I also judge Border Collies at open show level, including 2 club open shows. However, I love the Beardie as a breed above all other.
I was a founder member of the Eastern Bearded Collie Association and served on the committee for many years, mostly as cup steward, also on the Judges Sub-committee. I was also on the National Australian Shepherd Association committee for 6 years and I am still on their Judges Sub-committee.
I own a horse and with my daughter belong to a distance riding group. If I am not at a dog show at the weekend, I am most likely to be found riding in somewhere like Thetford Forest.

ROBINSON Deirdre (Oakfern)

Firstly can I thank you all for your votes & giving me the honour to judge your March Open Show. Judging in Scotland has always been a joy as it is home away from home.
Since a child I have always had dogs, a Border Collie, a Toy Poodle, a Golden Retriever & finally in 1993 a mismark Beardie called Bruce.
My affix OAKFERN is a joint one with my Daughter Clare. We have owned 10 Beardies, 1 which we bred; 5 of them are Irish Champions and 1 has her international title. She also had the honour of winning top Pastoral & Show Dog Of the Year 2010.
I have judged at Open Show level in Northern Ireland, Scotland & England.
I award Green Stars under the Irish Kennel Club. I was a Secretary of Queens Island Canine Club for 5 years & I currently serve on the Management Committee of Belfast Dog Show Society. For the past 8 years I have been Chief Steward of this society.
I look forward to this appointment of my beloved Breed and once again thank you for your votes.

RUDD Verity (Lubin)

My first Beardie, Chloe, bounced into my life when I was nine – she was a working-type blessing that led me into a life-long love of dogs. When Chloe left us, our only choice was to find a Beardie and we found our first pedigree in Bobbie and through Bobbie, we became a multi-Beardie household – one is never enough!
I bred my first show-dog in 2001, Megan, who gained her studbook number and a place at my first Crufts. I have taken the responsibility of caring for our precious breed very seriously and have taken my time in developing my opinions, listening to my peers and taking all the opportunities to learn all I can.
I began stewarding in 2003, as this is an excellent way to expand your view of all types of dogs and knowledge of rules and regulations. This led to judging at companion shows and I still believe these are a great place to develop your judgement and the stamina for judging large classes. In 2004, I began judging at Open shows and have continued to attend seminars, judges’ training and develop through my peers.
I have bred two dogs to their studbook numbers and shown another. I am currently showing a team of three and have the luxury of being able to keep all my dogs in my home on their retirement. I will never stop learning, developing and improving in securing the future of our breed and thank everyone who supports me in my endeavours.

RYAN Cath (Razkal)

I was first owned by a Beardie in 1978. Rags was bred by Nick Broadbridge and I competed at open obedience shows with her for a few years and was lucky enough to pass the Bearded Collie Club senior working test with her.

In 1980 I visited Liz and Billy Gault and fell in love with Tosh (Lochbarra Copper Beech) and I was well and truly bitten by the show bug ! In 1999 I made up my lovely boy Micky (Ch Chanderley Magic Sensation for Razkal) and in 2001 awarded CCs for the first time.

Apart from showing I have served on the committee of the BCC of Scotland and Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland and for 15 years I assisted in the set up of the Scottish Kennel Club.