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Judge's Biographies

NICHOLLS-WARD Sue( Bumbleridge)

I have owned Bearded Collies since 1975, founding the Bumbleridge kennel in 1977. I have had other breeds (Bichon Frise & Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeens) which has helped to broaden my knowledge both as a judge and exhibitor. A Spanish Water Dog joined the Beardies in 2004 as a playmate and then in 2015 a second joined the Bumbleridge bunch.

I started my judging career in the early 1980’s and first gave CC’s for Bearded Collies in 1991, making 25 years, awarding CC’s eleven times including Crufts in 2008. One of the nicest compliments I have received was after judging Crufts, several people thanked me for judging their dogs. Since the mid 1990’s I have also had the honour of judging Beardies twice in Sweden, three times in France, once in America, Austria, Germany, Norway, Spain and Holland. I have been actively involved in championshiop show judges training for both the Beardies and Spanish Water dogs. In 2016 I again had the honour of judging at Crufts, this time for the Spanish Water Dogs.

I believe that a good Beardie should closely match the standard and have a brain. Mattie, my tenth generation Bumbleridge achieved his Senior Work Test at the age of five making him the 7th Bearded Collie Breed Champion to do this.

PALMER Jane (Woodacre)

For as long as I can remember, dogs have been an integral part of our family life. When my mum, Sue Carter, bought her first Bearded Collie in 1980 I knew this was the breed for me and I can’t imagine my life without one now. They are such wonderful dogs, full of character who can make you smile even when they are covered in mud from their walks or racing round the garden with a stolen slipper. From those early days all things Bearded Collie were, and continue to be, an essential part of our home.

It was not until 1994 that I was able to own my first Beardie, Zoe (Woodcare Wild Rose) and from that day onwards there has always been Beardies in my own home. Although sparingly shown, Zoe introduced me t the world of dog showing and I was bitten by the bug from that day to this!

I am delighted to have a joint interest in the Woodacre kennel with my Mum. Between us, we enjoy campaigning our dogs and have had some success over the years with my personally most memorable day being when Angus (Ch. Nellbrook Mystical Knight of Woodacre JW) gained his title. The show team currently comprises Betsy (Ch Woodacre Thyme to Beguile JW), Callum (Nellbrook Wynter Magic of Woodacre) 1 CC and 2 RSS, Adam (Woodacre Thyme Will Tell) and the latest addition to the Woodacre kennel, Bruce (Braemoray Dream Angus of Woodacre JW) 1 CC.

I have attained all the Kennel Club examination requirements to judge Beardies at a higher level and am steadily developing my practical judging experience and increasing my knowledge of the breed in as many ways as possible.

I am currently the Secretary of the Midshires Bearded Collie Club and am happy to give time back to the breed that I love by helping others to enjoy the events and shows we run throughout the year.

PEIRSON Linda (Kiltondale)

I first encountered a beardie when I was 14 years old, this turned out to be Deanfield Autumn Gold owned by Jackie Goulder, our shepherdess where we take our beardies to do what comes naturally. I got my 1st beardie from Bryony Harcourt-Brown when I was 16 and soon became hooked on showing.

To date I have made up 4 champions in the breed, 3 owner/bred and 1 I had to show while he was in this country. At present I have 5 beardies, 3 females and 2 males and usually breed a litter when we want a puppy to show or if I have families willing to wait for one of our puppies. We have a male from Sweden, who is proving to be a usefull boy as he brings down COI and up-to-now, hip scores too.

I started judging in 1994 and in 2006 I awarded CC’s for the 1st time and have now awarded 3 sets of CC’s in the UK and judged over-seas on 3 occasions with appointments in the future. I have judged BIS at Open Show level and find judging other breeds I’m interested in fascinating.

There never will be another breed that will compare to a beardie, to me, the ultimate dog, a friend and wonderful companion.

PELLEGRINI Chrissie (Avebury)

I first judged beardies in 1992, judging them several times since at Open and Limit Shows along with other Pastoral Group breeds.
Having owned and adored beardies since the early 1980's I have qualified six bitches for their stud book numbers and bred litters only on a very limited scale. I am actively involved in running local ringcraft classes, have served on several Canine Society committees, including EBCA during the 1990’s, stewarded on numerous occasions, and attended many seminars on all things canine-related in the last 30 years.
After a break from the showing following a change in circumstances, I returned to the ring in 2010 with a new beardie youngster and have thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded again by our wonderful breed and their owners – thank you for the warm welcome back. I was honoured to be invited to judge Eastern Bearded Collie Association Open Show in 2013. I am now serving on the Committee again, have recently organised a well-attended Judging Seminar for EBCA, and very much enjoy being able to contribute back to the breed I love in this way.
I take all judging appointments very seriously and always try to undertake any appointment with the utmost care and integrity.

PETTITT Lisa (Lakebank)

My interest in Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs began as a child when my parents bred Shelties in the early sixties. Showing experience began in my teens when I took part in children’s handling classes with a Rough Collie (1974).

Breeding has been rather limited due to work commitments, but I have bred three generations of Shelties. Nearly all my show dogs have gained their KCSBN, or been Crufts qualified, have accumulated Reserve CC’s, Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Group placings, and many Best of Breed awards at open show level. I have also had the pleasure on behalf of some good friends to handle their Sheltie bitch to her title, and another two to a CC.
The history of the breeds has always been of great interest to me, and I enjoy tracing back pedigrees, and have also accumulated a vast collection of old handbooks, catalogues, albums and other canine related memorabilia too.

I enjoy reading books, especially those relating to the origins of the Pastoral and Working breeds. I also take great interest in Canine health topics too.

I have been judging since 1983, at open show level, and have fulfilled the criteria for having my name included on ‘A1, A2, A3, B & C’ lists. I am approved by the KC to award CC’s in Shetland Sheepdogs, and Rough Collies, and have judged overseas. I have attended various Breed Club Seminars and Training events for Rough/Smooth Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Border and Bearded Collies, and have carried out many stewarding appointments too. I am Show Secretary and Judges List Co-ordinator for the East Anglian Collie Association. I also reside on the English Shetland Sheepdog Club committee, for which I am currently the Show Secretary, and have held the position of Secretary for the East Anglian Branch of the E.S.S.C. for the past fifteen years.