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Judge's Biographies

MILLAR Bobby (Beardiewood)

Having been involved in the breed for over 25 years, and have judged both in Scotland and Northern Ireland, starting judging in 1995, I have had some time on the clubs committee, and have both shown and done Obedience with our dogs in the past.

MOIR, Don (Winaria)

I have owned beardies since April 1981 and originally never intended to show. However, our first beardie, Dramesk Winter Dusk (Misty), dragged us into it after a visit back to her breeder when she was about 4 months old. Misty was the foundation of Winaria and indeed our affix is made up of part of her name and part of the name of her daughter from her first litter. In her second litter she produced us the bitch who would go on to become Ch Winaria Wellwisher.

Winaria never bred a high number of litters but from those that we did, two further bitches managed to gain their titles (W. Welltravelled & W. Whisperer) making three bitch champions in three successive generations, an accomplishment of which we are very proud.

I first judged in 1984 and was approved to award CCs in 1998 and have enjoyed each occasion immensely. With the early death from pancreatic cancer of Whisperer in 2007, our showing days were pretty much at an end although I maintain a keen interest in what is happening within the breed and judging when invited. I have also given the talk three times on the Breed Standard at the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland judges’ education and assessment days. I have also judged in Holland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Norway. There was also, of course, the small matter of judging bitches at Crufts in 2016 which was a day like no other.

MOTTRAM Diana (Mybeards)

Sheba, my first Beardie was born in 1981 and I began showing a few years later. I awarded CC’s for the first time in 1996. I have since judged them several times at Ch Shows in the UK, also the Winners Show at Amsterdam, Norwegian Club Show, Czech Club Show, the “Budessieger” in Germany, Warsaw International Show, bitches at NEBCC Ch Show in 2008 and BIS for the Eastern Bearded Collie Association in 2013.

I enjoyed serving as a committee member of the NEBC for several years. Because of my involvement with Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, I no longer own or show Beardies, however, I feel very privileged to judge the breed when asked as they are generally supper sound healthy exhibits with that added beardie personality and the sportsmanship of the exhibitors always makes for a very pleasant day.

MUIR Shona (Braeandale)

We got our first Beardie Mitsi from Jack and Madge Caldwells, Mondreddan Kennels in 1975 solely as a pet. A friend of my mums started showing a Rough Collie in 1977 which I ended up handling for her and there I saw beardies in the ring and that was me totally in love with Beardies and so Sallen Barley came to me for my 15th birthday. I started showing Beardies in 1978 and then acquired another from the Sallen Kennels in 1979, a bitch, Sallen Tammy, and bred my first litter in 1982. That was a good year for me as I also won my first CC and Res CC with Barley.

Starting out as a relative ‘youngster’ I have been in and out of the ring over the years raising my children so have not done as much with the beardies as I would have liked but had and showed an Arranbrae bitch and a Ciopar back in the late 90’s. With the family all grown up, I have been actively showing, judging and stewarding again for the past 7 years breeding a litter and showing Sallen Harrar and Sallen Hector who are both in partnership with Nicolas Broadbridge and I hope to continue for many more.

NAGRRECHA_Tan (Chandlimore)

I have been breeding and showing dogs since 1990, have made up champions in St Bernards, PMD, Rough Collies, Norfolk Terriers, Norwich Terriers and also been successful in Tib Mastiffs. I’m passed to give CC’s in 3 working breeds, 3 pastoral breeds and 2 terrier breeds.

My specialist breed is St Bernards.