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Judge's Biographies

JEMMETT Alan (Westbere)

As a boy I loved but one dog – a shorthaired Afghan Tripe Hound called Gnasher, owned by my hero, Dennis the Menace. Back in 1984, my wife and I decided we would like another dog, following the death of our working Springer Spaniel and, with the help of a friend, picked a Beardie called Rob Roy – original or what!

We were introduced to dog showing and in December 1984 went off to Maidstone for our first show and the rest is history. Since then we have owned and showed some 12 outstanding Beardies, gaining 3 Junior Warrants, 7 Stud Book numbers, 4 Res CC's and made up one home-bred Champion Westbere Whisper, JW, ShCM who was also the winner of the Diotima Trophy.

Some time ago, I was invited to judge; at my first appointment my BOB went BIS. From the first, I believed that movement was the most important criteria for a herding dog. The capability of working long hours is, in my view, underpinned by an economic action, good protective coat and balanced construction. I also think that a Beardie should have drive and purpose. Since 1984 I have watched hundreds of Beardies in the ring and am happy to say that, in my view, in the last 30 years, Beardie owners and breeders have done a good job of preserving the breed quality.
I have served on the committee of the BCCS as an ordinary member, Vice Chairman and Chairman. I hope to continue as a committee member for the foreseeable future.
This is the second time I have been voted to judge The Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Open show and thank the exhibitors for their confidence in my judging abilities. Due to health reasons this will be my last judging appointment and I am looking forward to a memorable day.

KINSEY Richard (Kitam)

I have owned dogs for most of my life having had Whippets as a child although not for showing. As a teenager sport played a major part in my life as I played semi-professional football and hold a Black Belt Tae-Kwon-Do and also instructed until 1980 when an injury put paid to both sports & that is when I started showing dogs.

My first breed was Rottweiler and then in the late 90’s I bought a Leonberger as they then came into the working group from the utility group. I down own 3 Leos and Rottweiler.

I was on London & South East Rottweiler club for a number of years until I moved to Lincolnshire and also the Leonberger Club for about 10 years. I am passed to award CCs to 16 breeds across the Working & Pastoral groups and have been approve3d for the Working Group and Pastoral Group at Championship show level. I will be doing my first BIS appointment at working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship show next year.

I am a senior steward at Driffield as well as being part of their show team, and group steward at Darlington.

I have been lucky eough to have been asked to judge in Holland, Latvia, Belgium, Moscow, Vladivostok, Poland, Slovakia & Sri Lanka.

KNOWLES Wendy (Tonwynde)

Along with my husband I purchased my first Bearded Collie in 1989, he was Sam Ch. Flosswood Rum Punch, he had a wonderful show career. Sam’s son Benson Haylane High Society at Tonwynde joined our family in 1991, he also did well in the showring. Smokey- Spinningdale Silver Sunset at Tonwynde joined us in 1992, Smokey won 1 CC, and they all gained their Studbook Numbers.

I began judging my breed in 1992, after attending many, many Seminars and undertaking and passing the required examinations. I gained the required numbers, which included judging at a Club Open Show for the Scottish Bearded Collie Club. I was invited to undertake my first judging appointment of Bearded Collies at Championship Show level at Darlington in 2010. In 2013 I judged Beardies at Driffield Championship Show.

Recently I judged Bearded Collies at an International Championship Show in Zwolle, Holland, judging under FCI Rules, where my BOB won his Group and went on to win RBIS, I was also asked to judge Best Baby in Show and had a good choice of 33 exhibits
Jean Lanning (Clausentum)

I have judged Bearded Collies many times across the world including Crufts. Awarded CC’s in over 70 breeds across all groups. Have judged BIS at Crufts 2005.

LANNING Jean (Clausentum)

I have judged Bearded Collies many times across the world including Crufts. Awarded CC’s in over 70 breeds across all groups. Have judged BIS at Crufts 2005.

MacDONALD-CROSS Margaret (Tarskavaig)

I had my first show dog – a Boxer, in 1956 showing him at local Open Shows and at Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show in The Kelvin Hall, Glasgow and by 1958 was a member of The Scottish Boxer Club Committee. In 1960 I got married and went to live on the Isle of Skye, with my Boxer, where, discovering that there were no Skye Terriers being bred on the island, I then established the Tarskavaig Kennel of Skye Terriers.
I bought my first Beardie bitch in 1964 who was sired by Mary Partridge’s dog Ch. Wishanger Cairnbhan. She was called Tarskavaig Shady Lady. This began a lifelong association with the breed.
I then had a blue dog from the Osmart Kennel who was litter
brother to Ch. Osmart Bonnie Blue Braid, called Blue Ribbon,
whom I campaigned to his title – no mean feat from the Isle of Skye
as I did not drive and everything had to be done by train. He had the
distinction of being the only Champion made up with one blue eye and
a brown one.
In 1973 when I left Skye and came to live in the Central belt of Scotland with Bob, we lived next door to Nick and Nell Broadbridge (Sallen) and we both became even more involved in the breed. During this period we set in motion, Nick, Bob and I, the beginnings of the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland and are both founder members. Since that time I have held the office of Chair and Vice-Chair and am at present a member of the Judges Sub-Committee. I first judged the breed in 1973 at the Scottish Breeds Club and was privileged to judge the first ever Open Show of the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club in 1977. I have judged the breed in Scandinavia and Australia and in 1981 judged Dogs at the BCC in Leicester and in 1998 did Beardie Dogs at Crufts. I have awarded CCs since 1966 to Skye Terriers and since 1980 to Bearded Collies. I also award CCs in Boxers, Dandie Dinmont Terriers and Glen of Imaal Terriers. Neither Bob nor I tend to judge any of our breeds very often and this gives a much better insight into the good and not so good aspects of how the breed is developing.