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Judge's Biographies

HENDERSON Mary (Shorndene)

I first became owned by Beardies in 1982 when Brenji, a slate and white dog, came to live with me. He was followed 2 years later by Tansy, a brown and white bitch. I have bred 2 litters over the years and have been involved in the show ring and have dabbled in both obedience and heelwork to music.

I have judged at Open Shows many times. My present 2 dogs have had moderate success in the show ring, both having gained their Stud Book numbers. They are becoming quite elderly now, being 14.5 and 12 years, so no more shows for them. I have attended most of the Club training days, including Judging and Health.

HOOD Alan (Bryonyhill)

Being born in Dunfermline in 1962, I grew up with my next door neighbours’ dog, not knowing what breed it was, but it always was the loveliest natured thing one could wish for. It was not until nearly 25 years later I purchased my first hairy mutt, as it was called in my childhood.

I have owned bearded collies since 1986 when I purchased my first dog Bumbleridge Hoodwinked, a lovely blue boy. I started showing beardies the same year and have been hooked ever since. Previously I owned and bred GSD’s and was actively into working trials. I trained dogs to PD and PDEX status and owned some of the last of the famous Baileyhill Lines.

We have bred occasionally over the years and have produced two UK Champions – Truffle and Tickle – and a further 12 dogs to Stud Book Number. I love to judge our wonderful breed.

HOSIE Alan (Aliskye)

I got my first Beardie back in 1985 from Kath Delaney namely, Arranbrae Black Label (Sophie). Some of you may remember the BCCS show which finished in the car park! Suzanne Moorhouse was judging and gave Sophie BPIS. Although Sopie won her Stud Book number in the days when there were often 30 in Limit it wasn’t really until I got Arnie, Ciopar Flash Fisichella in 2004 that I took up showing in earnest and boy was I lucky to get such a treasure from Trish Buchanan-Hislop. Arnie quickly gained his title and won the CC at Crufts in 2010.

Lady luck must surely have been shining down on me for a second time when Cara, Gillaber Blanacara joined Arnie in the ring. She surpassed my greatest hopes again winning her title at a relatively young age.
Arnie and Cara encapsulate what I like most in a Beardie and why they are my favourite breed. They are fun loving and both possess that driving but seemingly effortless low to the ground movement which no other breed comes close to replicating.

I should be honoured if the members thought highly enough of me to choose me to judge one of the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Open Shows.

HUTCHIN Mark (Athemburgh)

Along with my wife Tracy, we have owned Beardies since 2000 our first being a pet called
Benji (Bamburger As Time Goes By). He was closely followed by our first show dog Bridie
(Bamburger Sophias Choice). At our first championship show she qualified for Crufts, that
was us hooked on showing.

In 2005 we then purchased Rocco (Atherleigh Rufus) and then decided to have a litter of puppies and formed the kennel name Athemburgh. Rocco went on to achieve more than
we'd ever dreamed of producing some lovely litters and becoming a UK champ in 2008.

To date we have made up 1 champion, bred 1 UK champion and have various stud book entries.

I look forward to my forthcoming day at The Bearded Collie Club of Scotland open show and would like to thank everyone in advance for their entry.

Many thanks

Mark Hutchin..

JACKSON Toni (Elbereth)

I have been showing dogs for nearly 50 years, staring as a junior, and had my first judging appointment in 1986 for Pyrenean Mtn Dogs, I now award CCs in 10 breeds: Border Collie, PMD, Finnish Lapphunds, Samoyed, ASD, Vallhund, Shetland Sheepdogs, German Spitz, Klein and Mittel and Leonbergers and was honoured to judge my first pastoral group at WELKS earlier this year.
I am very interested in pastoral breeds (from both a show and working point of view having trained both border collies and lapphunds to work sheep and have run dogs in both obedience and agility competitions.
I first judged Bearded collies back in 1999, judging the breed once or twice a year since then to gradually build up my numbers and learning from breed enthusiasts on the way. I also enjoy watching the breed in the show ring both here and abroad. I have handled the breed in the ring at open and championship show level, and attended the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club’s History and Breed Standard on 3/5/2009 passing the exam, and then a year later passed the Eastern Bearded Collie Association’s A3 Assessment 16/5/10.