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Judge Biographies

CARTER Sue (Woodacre)

Sue has loved dogs for as long as she can remember. She has owned and shown Beardies since 1980 and her first Beardie (Woodland Merle) won her first CC in 1985.

In 1988 Moonhill Rosy Glow of Woodacre joined the household winning 1 CC and 2 RCC’s. She was the foundation bitch of the Woodacre kennel and the mother of Woodacre Wynsome Blue (4 RCC’s) and the first homebred Woodacrew champions – Ch. Woodacre Wynter Knight (7 CC’s & 7 RCC’s) and Ch. Woodacrew Wynter Star at Geliland (3 CC’s & 6 RCC’s)

The Woodacre show team currently comprises Ch. Woodacre Thyme to Beguile JW, Woodacre Thyme Will Tell, Nellbrook Wynter Magic of Woodacre (1 CC & 2 RCC’s) and Braemoray Dream Angus of Woodacre JW (1 CC).

Sue’s first judging appointment was in 1983, awarding CCs in 1998. She has judged mainly in the UK but has held appointments in the Netherlands and America.

Sue has held the position of Treasurer for the Bearded Collie Club for the last 22 years and feels it is rewarding to put something back into the world of Beardies.

CROFT Barrie (Malcro)

As of August 2014 I will have been showing dogs for 50 years, every year without a break!

Bred and owned Ch. O.E.S. Own dogs have won well over 150 BIS.

I am approved to give CC’s in 14 breeds, approved to judge the Pastoral Group at Championship Show level. I have judged O.E.S. Crufts, 1999; H.Puli Crufts, 2014 and Australian Sheperds Crufts 2015. I have judged 23 different Breed Club open shows, judged a group or BIS 172 times, the first in 1977.

I have judged overseas 64 times in 22 different countries. Beardies in Russia, Austria and Italy and will judge Beardies in Denmark and Holland in 2014.

DUMBRELL Lynn (Bethlyntee)

I have been involved and lived around dogs for most of my life but it wasn’t until 28 years ago that I became interested in the show world and bought my first Beardie. Beth was bought primarily to work the cattle of their farm but I was persuaded to show her by her breeder. By the time she gained a ticket and BOB, Katie, a repeat mating of Beth, had also joined us. Katie was to be my foundation bitch.

Over the 28 years I have only bred 7 litters of which 7 are Stud Book qualifies, 1 multi RCC winner, 3 individual CC winners and 2 champions, one of whom regularly worked cattle. My homebred stud dog has sired a number of Stud Book qualifies and a champion both in the UK and Belgium together with CC and BOB winners in this country.

A number of my Beardies have worked our cattle on a regular basis.

FARRIER Kay (Kayanarra)

I first became involved with dogs during the 1980’s initially with obedience, agility and then showing. I have owned Beardies since 1994. Family circumstances have dictated that, sensibly, I cannot keep a lot of dogs. With small numbers, I have achieved a good level of success in the show ring campaigning 2 Champions, several Junior Warrant winners etc. My current Beardies are all owned in partnership with Peter & Yvonne Fox (Bushblades).

I believe in the true sense of the word “commitment” and giving something back to the canine world. This has been demonstrated by serving on the BCC committee for 11 years and secretary of the NE branch for 13 years during this time, I have consistently served as a committee member of a local canine club.

I started judging in 2000 and enjoyed it ever since and first awarded CC’s in the breed in 2012. I believe that we all continue to learn about conformation and movement on an ongoing basis, no-one knows it all. It would be an honour to be voted by the members to judge at the BCC of Scotland Championship Show.

GREEN, Irene (Iolair)

Over the years I have owned Border Collies, GSDs, Yorkshire Terriers, BSD, Australian Shepherds and Finnish Lapphunds.

In the early days, I became friends with the late Jeanette and Ernie Burns (Bluerise) and it was with Jeanette I got my first grounding in Bearded Collies.

I started judging at local matches, agricultural and companion shows, then my first official judging appointment was at Culzean dog show in September 1991 and it has snowballed since then. I presently award CCs as a breed specialist in Belgian Shepherds, Australian Shepherds and Finnish Lapphunds and have judged BIS at BSD Champ Show, plus Working/Pastoral groups and BIS at Open Shows.

Along with all mandatory KC exams, I have attended and passed relevant hands-on assessments at breed specific seminars in Aussies, BSDs, Fin. Laps, Bearded Collie, Border collie, Rough Collies, Smooth Collies, OES, Shetland Sheepdog, Bullmastiffs, Polish Lowlands, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Keeshonds and Eurasiers.

I would be honoured and delighted to receive an invite to judge a Scottish Beardie Club Show