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Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Championship Show 07

Lanark Agricultural Centre, Hyndford Road, Lanark, ML11 9AX

06 October 2007

BIS Ciopar Celtic Razzle's Boy JW (Buchanan-Hislop)
RBIS Ch Malandex Xquisit (Baker)
BOS Ch Malandex Xquisit (Baker)
BPIS Diotima Last Laugh at Caramac (Richardson)
RBP Malandex Xquisitly Made (Baker)
BVIS Ch Breaksea Imagine (Mangnall & Burfitt)
DCC Ciopar Celtic Razzle's Boy JW (Buchanan-Hislop)
RDCC Ciopar Flash Fisichella (Hosie)
BPD Diotima Last Laugh at Caramac (Richardson)
BCC Ch Malandex Xquisit (Baker)
RBCC Nellbrook Mystification JW (Edwards)

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog 6 (2)
1. Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe (Sewell)
2. Pipadene Time to Review (Betts)
3. Loch Lomond Laddie (McTaggart)
4. Westbere Winternights (Green)

Class 2 Puppy Dog 4
1. Diotima Last Laugh at Caramac (Richardson)
2. Bushblades Transaction JW (Fox & Farrier)
3. Kittistone Sea Lord (Felton)
4. Pipadene Time to Review (Betts)

Class 3 Junior Dog 12 (1)
1. Diotima Last Laugh at Caramac (Richardson)
2. Potterdale Star Audition for Pepperjay (Wood)
3. Paleeda Pizzazz (Lee)
4. Coalacre Alexandrite (Lattimer)
5. Mostonbrae Angel of Love (Cook)

Class 4 Yearling Dog 7
1. Bumbleridge's Naughty'n'Nice (Nicholls-Ward)
2. Mostonbrae Angel of Love (Cook)
3. Brathens Cooter Crofter (Durrant)
4. Gallus Daydream (Paterson)
5. Breaksea Jumpin' Jack Flash (Hale & Burfitt)

Class 5 Novice Dog 8
1. Diotima LastLaugh at Caramac (Richardson)
2. Poterdale Star Audition for Pepperjay (Wood)
3. Paleeda Pizzazz (Lee)
4. Kittistone Sea Lord (Felton)
5. Mostonbrae Angel of Love (Cook)

Class 6 Debutant Dog 4 (2)
1. Diotima Last Laugh at Caramac (Richardson)
2. Brathens Cooter Commotion (Bayne & Florquin)

Class 7 Graduate Dog 7 (2)
1. Moonhill Power of Dreamz (White)
2. Ciopar Just the Ticket at Gallus JW (Paterson)
3. Brathens CooterCrofter (Bayne & Florquin)
4. Merrythorpe Mr Sandman at Lexalby Sh CM (Ferguson & Thorpe)
5. Mobuff Kashmir (Stott)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog 8 (3)
1. Bumbleridge's Naughty'n'Nice (Nicholls-Ward)
2. Westbere Wizard (James)
3. Kyleca Signs of Spring (Elliott)
4. Ciopar Magiccal Mack at Reaosh (McClymont)
5. Kilfinan Scott's Laird (Burscough)

Class 9 Mid Limit Dog 2
1. Ramsgrove Rag Thyme JW (Hines)
2. Odderwood Glade of Shade at Lexalby (Ferguson)

Class 10 Limit Dog 6
1. Ciopar Flash Fisichella (Hosie)
2. Romegs Revisited by Shorndene (Henderson)
3. Bumbleridge's Orinoko JW (Nicholls-Ward & Perry)
4. Yawdem Excellont (Lavine)
5. Willowmead Distinct Class (Pearson)

Class 11 Open Dog 13 (3)
1. Ciopar Celtic Razzle's Boy JW (Buchanan-Hislop)
2. Malandex Xcalibur (Baker)
3. Ch. Bustroc Drouthie Cronie ( Ballantyne & Burns)
4. Geliland Sea Breeze JW (Spurrier)
5. Ch. Bendale Special Times (Wilding)

Class 12 Veteran Dog 3 (1)
1. Ch. Kiltondale McAuley JW (Peirson)
2. Ir. Ch. Kizwiz Pimpernel (Watt)

Class 13 Special Vintage Dog 2
1. Moppetswood Touch of Magic (Szmidt)
2. Aratika Kyalami (Woolley)

Class 14 Special Beginners Dog 2 (1)
1. Brathens Cooter Commotion (Bayne & Florquin)

Class 15 Special Open Dog 1
1. Bustroc Tam O'Shanter (Cunningham)

Class 16 Minor Puppy Bitch 7 (1)
1. Malandex Xquisitly Made (Baker)
2. Pipadene Time to Dream (Betts)
3. Douglasdale Dream Angel of Walkerbrae (Walker)
4. Pipadene Time to Shine for Aratika (Woolley)
5. Ciopar Celtic Chancer (Buchanan-Hislop)

Class 17 Puppy Bitch 7
1. Pipadene Time to Dream (Betts)
2. Natterjack Serenity (Hyde)
3. Barkly Destiny's Child (Cook)
4. Menander Temptation to Kiltondale (Peirson)
5. Pipadene Time to Shine for Aratika (Woolley)

Class 18 Junior Bitch 10
1. Westbere Whisper (Jemmett)
2. Natterjack Serenity (Hyde)
3. Bustroc Red Red Rose (Ballantyne & Burns)
4. Potterdale Star of Peebles (Johnston)
5. Bargemon en Vogue (Canty)

Class 19 Yearling Bitch 10 (2)
1. Ramsgrove Ramblin' Rose JW (Hines)
2. Gallus Living the Dream (Paterson)
3. Yawdem Guitar Gala (Lavine)
4. Moppetswood Magic Charm (Szmidt)
5. Gallus Daydream Believer (Daniels)

Class 20 NoviceBitch 9 (2)
1. Natterjack Serenity (Hyde)
2. Barkly Destiny's Child (Cook)
3. Menander Temptation to Kiltondale (Peirson)
4. Pipadene Time to Shine for Aratika (Woolley)
5. Ciopar Celtic Chancer (Buchanan-Hislop)

Class 21 Debutant Bitch 5
1. Bargemon en Vogue (Canty)
2. Menander Temptation to Kiltondale (Peirson)
3. Pipadene Time to Shine for Aratika (Woolley)
4. Ciopar Celtic Chancer (Buchanan-Hislop)
5. Mostonbrae Angel of Peace (Peart)

Class 22 Graduate Bitch 14 (6)
1. Gallus Living the Dream (Paterson)
2. Sylvabrae Jewel in the Crown (Newton & Weightman)
3. Edenborough Look at Me (Carter)
4. Yawdem Guitar Gala (Lavine)
5. Westbere Whisper (Jemmett)

Class23 Post Graduate Bitch 10 (1)
1. Deanfield Justa Symphony for Motswari (Birchall)
2. Bushblades Alabama Song for Sheskaty (Hunter)
3. Kittistone Call of the Wild (Felton)
4. Balbridge C'est la Vie (Evans)
5. Kiltondale Keepsake at Seachran (Sichi)

Class 24 Mid Limit Bitch 7 (1)
1. Osmart Maid in Black by Sioux for Lochbarra (Gault)
2. Moonhill's Free'n'Easy for Kemelstowe (Sewell & White)
3. Breaksea Immortality (Mangnall & Burfitt)
4. Potterdale Amazing Luck at Westbere (Jemmett)
5. Lubin's Belmont Beauty (Rudd)

Class 25 Limit Bitch 12 (2)
1. Nellbrook Mystification (Edwards)
2. Gelliland Crown Princess (Spurrier)
3. Bushblades Out to Party (Fox)
4. Romegs Repertoire (Gilchrist)
5. Rainethyme Trick or Treat (Palumbo)

Class 26 Open Bitch 8
1. Ch Malandex Xquisit JW (Baker)
2. Ch Hisnhers Diamond Lil JW SHCM (Hudson)
3. Ramberhay Moonlight n Roses (Green)
4. Merrymore Toffee Truffle at Bumbleridge (Nicholls-Ward)
5. Bushbaldes Tranquil Skies at Katanarra (Fox & Farrier)

Class 27 Veteran Bitch 9

1. Ch Runival Dream of Peace (Barley)
2. Ch Bushblades Soundin Out (Fox)
3. Ellerose Perfect Mist ((Van Gelder & Whenman)
4. Thistlebank Double Exposure (Cant)
5. Bumbleridge Savoir Faire (Hudson)

Class 28 Sp Vintage Bitch 13

1. Ch Breaksea Imagine (Mangnall & Burfitt)
2. Ch Breaksea Devil in Disguise at Nellbrook (Edwards)
3. Ch Potterdale Anna-Belle (Johnston)
4. Hamble Half a Moon at Bargemon (Canty)
5. Ellerose Perfect Mist (Van Gelder & Whenman)

Class 29 Special Beginners Bitch 0

Class 30 Special Open Bitch 3
1. Ellerose Perfect Mist (Van Gelder & Whenman)
2. Thistlebank Double Exposure (Cant)

Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Championship Show 6th October
The Bearded Collie Club of Scotland 25th Anniversary Championship show was a successful, friendly, well run event.I was pleased with the number & quality of the entry.BIS was Ciopar Celtic Razzle's Boy,BOS & RBIS CH. Malandex Xquisit,BP Diotima Last Laugh At Caramac.
MPD(6,2)1 Sewell's Malandex Xactly Right For Kemelstowe 7month brown, lovely head,correct bite, good length of rib & short loin, nicely balanced , correct rear, good positive movement.2 Betts' Pipadene Time To Review very promising dark brown, correct length to height proportions, moved well.3 McTaggart's Loch Lomond Laddie another dark brown, longer in loin & movement not as settled as those above him.
PD.(4)1 Richardson's Diotima Last Laugh At Caramac quality dark slate, dark eye, good pigment, well constructed & balanced with good length to height ratio, moved with reach & drive.2 Fox & Farrier's Bushblades Transaction JW impressive, masculine dog, strong head, good eye colour, nice deep chest, moved well.3 Felton's Kittistone Sea Lord correct length to height proportions, needed to settle more on the move.
JD(12,1)1 Richardson's Diotima Last Laugh At Caramac.2 Wood's Potterdale Star Audition For Pepperjay liked his outline, pleasing head & expression, good shoulder & length & depth of rib, moved soundly.3. Lee’s Paleeda Pizazz well balanced, correct length to height ratio, good pigment.
YD(8,)1 Nicholls-Ward's Bumbleridge's Naughty But Nice lovely outline,well presented, good head & expression, very well constructed, moved well keeping level topline.2 Cook's Mostonbrae Angel Of Love liked his length of back, good head & dark eye, moved soundly.3. Durrant’s Brathens Cooter Cofter tended to be a bit high in the rear today but a quality masculine dog with good head & pleasing length of rib.
ND(8)1 Diotima Last Laugh At Caramac. 2 Potterdale Star Audition For Pepperjay
3 Paleeda Pizazz.
DD(5,3)1 Diotima Last Laugh At Caramac.2. Bayne & Florquin's Brathens Cooter Commotion brown going through the pale stage, well presented, still some maturing to do, good length of rib with short loin, a bit too proud of his tail .
GD(7,2)1 White's Moonhill Power Of Dreamz quality young dog, nice head, dark eye & good pigment, well laid back shoulder , correct length to height, moved well keeping good outline in profile.2 Paterson's Ciopar Just The Ticket At Gallus JW more raw than 1, nice head with dark eye & good pigment, good length & depth of rib,did not move as freely as 1.3 Brathens Cooter Crofter.
PGD(8,3)1 B. Naughty But Nice 2 Jame's Westbere Wizard pleasing outline though finer than 1, well constructed & balanced, moved soundly keeping his outline.3 Kyleca Signs Of Spring good head ,pleasing shape, felt his movement might be better if he carried less weight.
MLD(2)1 Hine's Ramsgrove Rag Thyme JW lovely outline, strong head, good pigment, well arched neck, good lay of shoulder, good length & depth of rib, well angulated rear, another I felt would be the better for losing just a little weight.2 Ferguson's Odderwood Glade Of Shade At Lexalby pleasing outline but not the substance or depth of chest of 1, good eye colour & pigment.
LD(6)1 Hosie's Ciopar Flash Fisichella excellent proportions & balance, pleasing head & expression, good length of neck , well laid shoulders, good length & depth of rib, moved soundly with good extension & drive.Res CC .2 Henderson's Romegs Revisited By Shorndene good outline, correct proportions, good length of rib, moved soundly.3 Nicholls-Ward's Bumbleridges Orinoko JW good head, dark eye, well constructed.
OD(13,3)a strong class 1 Buchanan-Hislop's Ciopar Celtic Razzel's Boy JW strongly made masculine dog, lovely head & expression, good reach of neck,excellent shoulder & rib, strong hindquarters, covered the ground with effortless driving movement.CC & BIS 2 Baker's Malandex Xcalibur lovely quality dark slate dog, super head & expression, dark eye & pigment, excellent construction & balance, didn't feel he moved quite as freely or with the drive of 1.3 Ballantyne & Burn's CH. Bustroc Drouthy Cronie JW a favourite of mine, so sound, excellent proportions just felt he lacked that extra sparkle today.
VD(3,1) 1 Peirson's CH. Kiltondale Mcauley JW 8 1/2yr old blue tri dog in excellent condition, strongly made,lovely head, good neck, shoulders & depth of rib, moved soundly with drive.Best veteran.2 Watt's IR.CH.Kirwiz Pimpernel good length & depth of rib with short loin, moved well but did not make the most of himself standing.
SVD(2)1 Szmidt's Moppetswood Touch Of Magic 10 1/2yr old ,pleasing shape, well proportioned & balanced, moved well.2 Wooley's Aratika Kyalami 13yr old well constructed but carrying too much weight which affected topline & movement.
SBD(2,1)1 Brathens Cooter Commotion.
SOD(1)1 Bustroc Tam O'Shanter correct length to height ratio, soundly constructed & moved well, would like darker eye.
MPB(7,1)1 Malandex Xquisitly Made her name suits her, this one I could have taken home, lovely proportions & outline, good eye colour, moved effortlessly for one so young.2 Bett's Pipadene Time To Dream very much a baby but well proportioned & constructed , good steady, sound movement.3 Walker's Douglasdale Dream Angel Of Walkerbrae promising brown puppy, moved well keeping topline.
PB(7)1 Pipadene Time To Dream.2 Hyde's Natterjack Serenity more mature, made a very pleasing picture standing but felt she was reluctant to move out, well constructed with a good head, would like a darker eye.3 Cook's Barkly Destiny's Child good length to height ratio, dark eye, sound mover but unsettled standing.
JB(10)1 Jemmett's Westbere Whisper nicely proportioned with good length to height, head still developing,moved soundly holding her outline.2 Natterjack Serenity 3 Ballantyne & Burns Bustroc Red Red Rose brown going through pale stage, feminine, correctly constructed.
YB(10,2)1 Hine's Ramsgrove Ramblin' Rose JW lovely type, pleasing outline, good head & expression, excellent depth of chest & legth of rib, sound rear, moved with reach & drive holding her topline.2 Patterson's Gallus Living The Dream again a pleasing outline, good movement keeping her topline, eye could be darker, quality coat coming through.3 Lavine's Yawdem Guitar Gala good head & eye colour, nicely balanced bitch, moved soundly.
NB(9,2)1 Natterjack Serenity 2 Barkly Destiny' Child 3 Peirson's Menander Temptation To Kiltondale feminine with a nice head & dark eye.
DB(5)1 Canty's Bargemon En Vogue correct proportions, pleasing outline standing & moving, nice head & eye.2 Menander Temptation To Kiltondale 3 Pipadene Time To
Shine For Aratika dark brown baby , balanced , moved well.
GB(14,6)1 Gallus Living The Dream. 2 Newton & Weightman's Sylvabrae Jewel In The Crown J W good head & eye, good depth & length of rib, moved soundly holding outline.3 Carter's Edeborough Look At Me pleasing shape & length of back would like more drive on the move.
PGB(10,1) 1Birchill's Deanfield Justa Symphony For Motswari brown of correct proportions, well presented, eye could be darker, correct length & depth of rib, moved well.2 Hunter's Bushblades Alabama Song For Sheskaty feminine head, dark eye, good length of back, sound , steady movement.3 Felton's Kittistone Call Of The Wild liked her type, nice eye & expression.
MLB(7 ,1)1 Gault's Osmart Maid In Black By Sioux For Lochbarra JW correct broad flat scull, good eye colour, sound construction,correct coat, good length of back, moved with reach & drive.2 Sewell & White's Moonhill's Free 'N' Easy For Kemelstowe lovely dark blue bitch, nice outline, good pigment, preferred front movement of 1.3 Mangnall & Burfitt's Breaksea Immorality sorry no notes on this one.
LB(12,2) Edward's Nellbrook Mystification JW love her outline, dark eye & expression, feminine head, excellent length of rib, moved freely & with drive.Res CC.2 Spurrier's Geliland Crown Princess JW nice dark eye, good length to height, not the finish of 1 at the moment, moved well.3 Fox's Bushblades Out To Party correctly proportioned, nice dark eye & expression.
OB(8,2)Baker's CH. Malandex Xquisit JW same remarks as last time I judged her when I gave her the Res CC, now she is the finished article, lovely brown of excellent type, proportions & construction, moved soundly with drive.2 Hudson's CH Hisnhers Diamond Lil JW. SH CM dark slate feminine bitch with lovely dark eye & expression, excellent shoulders & length of rib,just not the finish of 1, moved out well keeping her topline.3 Green's Ramberhay Moonlight 'N' Roses quality blue bitch of correct length to height proportions.
VB(9,2)Very nice class of quality veterans 1 Barley's CH Runival Dream Of Peace 8yr old , lovely shape, well constructed, good eye colour, moved out well keeping her outline.2 Fox's CH Bushblades Soundin' Out almost 10yrs old good length to height ratio, nice head, dark eye,soundly constructed , moved well.3 Van Gelder & Whenman's Ellerose Perfect Mist super condition at 13yrs young, outmoved some younger exhibits.
SVB(13,4) what a credit to the longlevity of Beardies this class was 1 Mangnall & Burfitt's CH Breaksea Imagine an old favourite of mine, still in beautiful condition at 11yrs old, nice head with dark eye giving a lovely expression, so well balanced, moving soundly. Best Vintage.2 Edward's CH Breaksea Devil In Disguise At Nellbrook 10yr old, another in lovely condition, good neck into well laid shoulders, correct depth & length of rib, still moving out well.3 Johnston's CH Potterdale Anna-Belle another quality 11yr old, well constructed & balanced, carrying too much weight which affected her movement.
SOB(3,1)1 Ellerose Perfect Mist 2 Cant's Thistlebank Double Exposure well made dark slate bitch, dark eye & appealing expression, moved well but does not always make the most of herself standing.

Ailsa Gill


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